LAFA Filksing
Saturday, April 18, 2020, 7 PM
The House of Perpetual Commotion
Hosts: Mary, Devon and Richard Creasey
3754 W. 170th Street
Torrance, CA
Location 33.88 deg. N, 118.35 deg. W, Elevation 92 ft.
(310) 329-6772

This filk will be conducted both via Zoom and in person.

Filk style: Moderated Chaos -- Devon and/or Mary will be Demighod.

Directions to filksite: See Thomas Guide L.A. CO. page 733 grid E-7
From the North or Northwest: Take the San Diego Freeway (I-405) south to the Redondo Beach Blvd. off-ramp. Turn left onto Redondo Beach Blvd., go to the SECOND stoplight (Ainsworth Avenue) and turn right. Then take the second left onto 170th Street . The house is the fourth one on the right (it's the only 2-story house on the block).
From the South: Take the San Diego Freeway (405) north to the Artesia Blvd. (91) off-ramp (mandatory right turn at end of ramp). Stay in the right lane and turn right onto Prairie Avenue. Turn right onto 171st St. (first street, just after the bridge); then left on Ainsworth (first stop sign), then right on 170th. The house is 4th on the right (it's the only 2-story house on the block).
From the East or Northeast: Take any freeway south to the Artesia Fwy. (Hwy. 91) west to the end of the freeway. Continue west on Artesia Blvd. to Ainsworth St. (last before 405 Fwy.) and turn right; then turn right on 170th St. The house is the 4th on the right (it's the only 2-story house on the block).

TYPE OF CIRCLE: Moderated Chaos: Mary and/or Devon will be Demighod.

  1. Mucho crash space available; call to reserve yours; bring sleeping gear in case we run out of beds.
  2. Children welcomed on good behavior.
  3. Bring all of your usual filk stuff.
  4. NO SMOKING indoors PLEASE!!
  5. There is a piano, it's playable but very old and tuned a hair under 440
  6. There be computers here! (PC clones).
    THEY WILL BE IN HIBERNATION for the night except for song archiving. 'Tis a filksing, not a bytebash.
  7. The last survivors will be conscripted into cleaning up the remains.
  8. Random Factors will be open for business.
  9. There is a resident cat named Harmony. She will be kept in her room .

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