Los Angeles Filkers Anonymous

Upcoming LAFA Housefilks
August 17, 2024
Barry & Lee Gold
Zoom only
September 21, 2024
hosted by Rod O'Riley
Zoom only

LAFA housefilks will be announced via the LAFA mailing list. Barry Gold will send the meeting ID to the LAFA list on the day of the filk.
Contact Barry Gold to be added to the mailing list.

No, we will not put the meeting ID on the web or facebook. Look up Zoombombing if you don't understand why.

One good thing about doing "house filks" via Zoom: you do not need to live in or near Los Angeles to participate. Or even to host a filk.

If you would like to host a LAFA filksing in the future, please contact the Golds.

And now, on to the spiel...

Do your checkbook and credit cards whimper when you get near a filk dealer's table in the hucksters room?

Do you write filksongs? Do you wish you didn't have to wait till the next convention to have someone hear them? Do you wish there were a small monthly one-evening convention you could attend for free?

Did you stay up all night at an SF fan convention because you just couldn't bring yourself to leave the filksing, even though all you do to participate is to join in on the chorus?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, then you are a 'Filker'. This condition has no known cure. But if you live in the greater Los Angeles area, treatment is possible! There is no need to languish in silence any longer. Your craving for strange, outlandish songs can be fulfilled if you find your way to: Filkers Anonymous.

Filkers Anonymous is a loosely organized group of filkers who meet every month at the home of some friendly host in the greater LA area to sing together on a Saturday evening.

Filkers Anonymous is easy to get into — just show up! Audience members are welcome. Musicians and singers and songwriters are thrice welcome. We appreciate all kinds of music — from traditional folksong to Sixties folk revival, from musical comedy to rock, from Gilbert & Sullivan parodies to original tunes, from science to science fiction, from roleplaying to anarchism. Rhyming and scansion and singing on-key are helpful, but you won't be rejected if you're not perfect; we aren't either.

Filkers Anonymous wants to meet you — and to see you again — and doesn't want to wait until next year! Feel free to only attend meetings at nearby homes. Feel free to attend every meeting. Feel free to offer to host a meeting.

If you're a new filker, and you have enjoyed filking at a recent convention, look us up next month and filk again!

If you're an old fan who's hasn't participated in filk for a while, come to a meeting and see what the new gang is up to now.

If you're a Filkers Anonymous regular, why are you reading this? You already know it all!

Barney Evans maintains a list of past LAFA and San Diego housefilks, giving date, host, and location.

For more information, or to get onto the regular mailing list for the monthly Filk Flyer with complete directions to the filksite,
contact Barry Gold: barrydgold@ca.rr.com or Lee Gold: leeway@labcats.org.