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The Southern California Filk Convention
September 11-13, 2009
Warner Center Marriott
(Woodland Hills, California)

Hotel:  The Warner Center Marriott (Topanga Canyon exit off the 101)
21850 Oxnard Street, Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Phone: 1 818-887-4800        Fax: 1 818-340-5893
Room rate: $115 per night. You can keep the room at the convention rate if you want to have a longer vacation and tour Los Angeles. Check with the Marriot for details. On-site parking is $13 per day; valet parking $18 per day.

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We also have guides to Restaurants Near the Hotel
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The Restaurants page also has weather info. Note that Woodland Hills is significantly hotter in summer than Los Angeles.

Guests of Honor: Carla Ulbrich and Joe Giacoio
Carla is the "Professional Smart Aleck" who came to filk from the folk world several years ago and became dear to our hearts. One of her songs is frequently blamed for the cancellation of a television show, and her ability to write funny songs about her own medical misfortunes has brought her a singular role in musical history. Joe, according to official sources, was abandoned in a music store as a small child, and raised by a pack of guitars [acoustic, of course... the electric ones aren't very good with babies]. It explains many things, including his two CDs, Superman's Midlife Crisis and I sing the Body Acoustic.
Interfilk Guest: Gary McGath
Renowned east coast filker and musical philosopher, who has asked such important questions as "Why is there music?" Gary has also been the East Coast's answer to Bob Kanefsky at times, even though the question is rarely asked.

Gary was inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame in 2004 for his work at Boskones and MASSFILC, the songbooks he has produced, and his songwriting talents, as well as many other contributions to Filk.

Toastmaster: Barry Gold
Barry has been filking since 1965, starting out singing songs from The Filksong Manual (published in four volumes by Bruce Pelz in 1965-1971). Barry does not write lyrics (although he has been known to "improve" them while performing them), but occasionally composes tunes when his wife Lee demands it of him. Barry and Lee were inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame in 1997, for a variety of contributions to filk.
They also appeared as Interfilk Guests at OVFF in 2000 and as featured filkers at Boskone 44.
Barry's filking style is eclectic but mostly based on 1960s folk revival traditions. His repertoire includes a wide variety of songs—almost anything that can be creditably performed by a single voice and guitar, as long as he knows (or can learn) the tune.
Other guests to be announced:
Conchord is known for unusual guest categories, and we're still working on one or two for this year... Be very afraid...
The convention will include:
Concerts with our Guests and others Songwriting and Performance Workshops  
The Totally Tacky and Tasteless Revue A very special Kid Friendly Area  
One Shots! Dare to share! A songbook  
Open Filk Circles 24 hours a day Filkers from up and down West Coast and elsewhere, including some regular LAFA attendees.  
Friday Night Reception The InstaFilk songwriting competition, where the guests choose a topic and attendees write a song at the con.
Registration is
Through March 31   $35.00
Through July 31   $40.00
At the Door   $45.00
Daily rates   $20.00   (Friday daily includes the Friday Night Reception)
Supporting rates     $7.00   (Includes program book and songbook)

Send checks to:
Lee Gold
3965 Alla Road
Los Angeles, CA 90066
Please make checks out to "Lee Gold" and write "For Conchord" on the memo line.
Or contact John & Mary Creasey for information on how to pay by credit card.
Or buy a membership face-to-face from Nick Smith, John & Mary Creasey, or Lee Gold.
Some of our members have been kind enough to provide photos they took at Conchord.
Kay Shapero    The 2005 Kazoo awards (from Conchord 19)
Barney Evans    Photos from Conchord 20 (2007)
  Some Conchord History, including both a timeline for Conchords 1 through 11, and photos for Conchords 13 and 16 through 21.
Kay Shapero    Photos from Conchord 20 (2007)

Con Chair Nick Smith:

Rod O'Riley

Dealer Room
John & Mary Creasey of Random Factors:
Songbook Publisher   Lee Gold


For past ConChord songbooks, see xeno/conchordbook.html

For a list of other filk conventions, see Kay Shapero's When/Where's the Next Filk Con?.

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