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Westercon 63

The Southern California Filk Convention

Westercon 63: CONFIRMATION

A Science Fiction Convention

July 1-4, 2010

ConChord Guest of Honor: Seanan McGuire
Seanan sings, composes music, writes novels (two published, one more accepted for publication), and draws (check out the art cards on her website). There's simply too much she does to summarize here, so go to her website and read her bios. Seanan has three CDs out:
  • Red Roses and Dead Things
  • Stars Fall Home
  • Pretty Little Dead Girl (Seanan and friends, live at OVFF 2005)
Seanan has been nominated for the 2010 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer.
Interfilk Guest: Stone Dragons
Sue Posteraro came into filk in 2003, when she wandered into a filk circle and never wanted to leave. She is on the concom of FilKONtario and will be running the filk track for a new general SF Convention, SFContario in Toronto.

Tom Jeffers was a member of Dandelion Wine for over 20 years. He plays a long list of instruments including 12-string guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, cittern, dulcimer, bodhran, and accordion.

You can see the long list of songs they perform, both their own original songs and covers of other people's songs, on their music page
Toastmaster: Paul Kwinn
Paul has been nominated for the Pegasus award nine times: seven by himself, twice as part of the filk trio Puzzlebox.

New: Restaurants Near the Hotel

Pre registration is closed. Please join at the door.
Complete membership information.

Weather: The weather in Pasadena is not the same as in Los Angeles. The highs are higher, and the lows are lower. Expect highs around 90F, lows around 65F. Follow this link for the weather predictions for Pasadena.

Stone Dragons have contributed two songs in MP3 format: "Little Country" and "Shepherd Moon". These songs are brought to you courtesy of Con Chords and Choruses, the ConChord songbook. They will remain available on the website through July 31, 2010.

Note: Please be patient. These may take a while to load. If you have trouble hearing them, check the volume control on your player.

Our Hotel: Pasadena Hilton Hotel
168 S. Los Robles Ave
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 584-3112
Room Rates: $129 single, double, triple, quad

The filk part of our combined convention will include:
  Concerts with our Guests and others   The Totally Tacky and Tasteless Revue  
  Open Filk Circles   One Shots! Dare to share!  
  A songbook, with songs by the Guest of Honor, committee members, and other filkwriters.   Filkers from up and down West Coast and elsewhere, including many regular LAFA attendees.  
In addition, there will be everything you have come to expect in a Westercon, including:  
  Art Show   Room Parties  
  A Regency dance   Autograph sessions  
  Movies   Anime/videos  
  Fantasy role-playing games   Costume competition (aka Masquerade)  

ConChord Committee:
    ConChord Chair & Filk Programming     Nick Smith:
    Songbook Publisher       Lee Gold
    Webmaster     Barry Gold
ConChord/CONFIRMATION Dealers Room     Sandy Cohen
Some of our members have been kind enough to provide photos and other history of past ConChords.
Kay Shapero    The 2005 Kazoo awards (ConChord 19)
     Photos from ConChord 20 (2007)
Barney Evans    Some ConChord History, including both a timeline for ConChords 1 through 11, and photos for ConChords 13 and 16 through 22.


For past ConChord songbooks, see xeno/conchordbook.html

For a list of other filk conventions, see Kay Shapero's When/Where's the Next Filk Con?.

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