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You are about to enter a mutated version of a fantasy world!

I told my husband Barry the storyline I'd use if I were continuing the shows, and he urged me to write it down on his computer at work. The next thing you know, I had subscribers: some face-to-face, some by email.

2001 Note: I've rewritten the installments a bit, especially this first one which sketched in too many events rather than describing them in the detail of the later Installments. However it is generally true that the earlier installments are more apt to summarize action while the later ones are more apt to quote extensive dialogue.

The Continuation Chronology, by Chapter

Chapter Date
1SeptemberThe Quarrel
2OctoberThe Dead Return
3NovemberThe Alliance
4late DecemberNew Year's
5JanuaryThe Curse of Shalizan
6FebruaryThe Plane of Power
7MarchThe Long Night
8MarchAn Unmapped Path
9AprilThe Shadow of Doom
10MayWord of Honor
11JuneThe Message
12JulyFishing Expedition
13AugustSomething Old, Something New - part 1
14AugustSomething Old, Something New - part 2
15AugustSomething Old, Something New - part 3
16SeptemberThe Games
17OctoberThe Dragon
18NovemberThe Forest of Doom
19NovemberThe Vaults of Nightmare
20DecemberA Time to Remember
21late DecemberTwo Steps Back, One Step Forward
23FebruaryThings Heat Up
24FebruaryThe Siege